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Hi! fellow Tumblrians my name is SUSANNAH friends call me SUZI for short. Im an Average normal simple girl living in a small country called BRUNEI in an island of Borneo. Im a MIX of KOREAN, MURUT, IBAN and CHINESE. Born in the year of the Horse. Pisces- Dreamer-Amateur artist-in-training - Family Oriented - Open-Minded - Kpop fan - Proud Christian - Bookworm - God&Jesus Lover - Animal Lover - Nature Lover - Sucker for romantics and humor. Hope my fellow Tumblrians do love my simple tumblr blog its nothing much as its most based on my personal interests & taste on what i consider in life beautiful and intriguing or even as wishful dreams. Do Follow-Like-Reblog and i shall do the same! God bless to all my Tumblrians and have a nice day~
mirando el rio by martinkaissa on Flickr.

mirando el rio by martinkaissa on Flickr.

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